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Edensave Energy Intelligence

Before Edensave Energy Intelligence, we produced three basic Benchmark reports for 60 hotels in Phase 2 of the Blue Sky Resort Network project. You can view them by following the links on the Benchmarking-Introduction page of this site.

As we have outlined in the Benchmarking-Introduction, the Hotel Benchmarking tool has evolved into the Edensave Energy Intelligence reporting system. You can read about the system and download sample reports on our new website

What is Energy Intelligence?
Energy Intelligence goes beyond simple benchmarking of hotel performance. An 'EI' system gathers data from your energy management system, finance system, facilities management system etc. into one place where it is structured into intelligent reports that provide a clear insight into how well your hotels are performing. Having the visibility of which hotels are inefficient, in which particular area, will enable hotels to reduce their utility costs by up to 25%.

Dashboards give a summary overview of the performance of all hotels in a group. Benchmarks rank each hotel against each other and against national benchmarks and therefore allow managers to make a decision on which hotels need to be prioritised for action. Benchmarks can be used intelligently to pinpoint areas and buildings which offer the most potential for cost saving, and therefore give the best return on any energy saving investment.

Energy Intelligence reports help you to understand how well you have used your energy and water. Your gas consumption may have increased 20% in one particular hotel, but was the weather colder in that location, did occupancy increase during that month, or is it related to the boiler controls being incorrectly set? Energy Intelligence enables you to see what is happening, make the right decision to improve efficiency and shows you how much you'll save in doing it.

Also the great thing is that having these reports at your fingertips allows you to see the benefits over time of any improvements you've made.

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Benchmarking Tool